Our Human Capital


Dr Kuntal Goswami  MIPA & AFA

Accountant / BAS AGENT & Director

Certificate IV in Training & Assessment 

BA HM (RGU, UK); B.COM (Hons-1st Class) (UniSA,Aus);
MBA (Fin,Mkt & Int.Bus) (IFIM, India); M Bus (Acc.) (UniSA, Aus);
ANU & CDU Joint PhD (Aus).

M: 0401646872  E-mail: kuntal@businessitworlds.com        More...

Azij Mallick 

Networking Consultant & Director 

B.E Computer Science (Amaravati University, India)

Specialist in CCNA, CCNP & CCIE, MCP and ITIL  

M: +61470 325 289     E-mail: azij@businessitworlds.com     More...

Micheal Chan   

Mentor Associate


E-mail: admin@businessitworlds.com     More...

Abhik Biswas

Accountant and Director [Research Data Analysis Support (Math, Stats & Physics) & Private Science Tutor (Math, Stats & Physics)] 

B.Sci (Math) (Hon); M. Sci (Math) Jadavpur University, India

M. Bus (Acc) (UniSA - Aus)

Abhik - is quite a Talent. He is Skilled Mathematician & Statistician. He received National Scholarship, Govt of India from his school days till his Masters level. He can provide high level research data analysis in Math, Sats, Computer science and in other streams. He can be exceptionally good for providing conceptual clarity in Maths, Stats, Physics from school level to University Research level.       

M: +61425 705 017    E-mail: admin@businessitworlds.com    More...

Pronoma Mukherjee  

HR Practitioner and Director     

BA (Hon) (Sociology); MA (Sociology) (University of Calcutta, India);

PGDM-Industrial Relation (Bharati Vidya Bhavans institute of Management, India);

MBA (Human Resource Management) (UniSA-Aus).

M: +61430 314 031  E-mail: admin@businessitworlds.com

Purushottam Rao Yadlapalli 

Registered Migration Agent MARN 0747499  www.mara.gov.au

Translator Hindi to English  NAATI Practitioner ID CPN8AU56T

ACS Member No. 3006557 www.acs.org.au ACS Skills Agent No. 138973

Member of MIA www.mia.org.au MIA No. 3027

E-mail: admin@businessitworlds.com

Arka Banerjee

Associate IT Consultant

B. E. Computer science

E-mail: admin@businessitworlds.com

Rajarshi Das 

Associate IT-Consultant

M.Sc Computer Application Manipal University, India 

E-mail: admin@businessitworlds.com 

Aree Krishnan - Associate Accountant

(Perth Branch) 

M Bus (Accountancy) UniSA, Aus 

M: 04312 81776 

E-mail: admin@businessitworlds.com

Ravindar Tekula 

Web Developer 

B Tech (IT) (JNT Uni, India);  M Tech (IT) (UniSA, Aus)

M: +61 469 675 802;

E-mail : admin@businessitworlds.com

Bhavesh Jadav 

Associate Accountant 

M Com (Acc) (MS Uni, India); B Com (MS Uni, India)

M: +614521 90644 

E-mail : admin@businessitworlds.com 

Snehdeep Kaur 


Dip. Com (Acc) (Flin Uni, Aus); B Com (Acc) (Flin Uni, Aus)

M: +61 470 201 232;

E-mail : admin@businessitworlds.com  

Nishanthi Withana 

Associate Accountant (Perth Branch)

M Com (Acc) (UniSA)

M: +614335 00680

E-mail: admin@businessitworlds.com 

Dr Kuljit Kaur 

India Branch Representative (Education & Migration) (Amritsar - Punjab)

B. Sci (Hons-Chem) (GND Uni); M.Sci (Chem) (GND Uni, India)

PhD (Org. Chem) (GND Uni)

M: +91 98149 31322

E-mail: admin@businessitworlds.com

Debdas  Roy

India Branch Representative (Education & Migration) (Tatanagar / Jamshedpur - Jharkhand)

Diploma in Engineering

M: +91 99737 48220

E-mail: admin@businessitworlds.com